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Swim Team News

2017 YMCA "Blue Gills" Summer Swim Team Rules
(Updated 4/18/17)

  • Be 10 minutes early to practice. Practice needs to start on time if swimmers are late it disrupts practice. This means that the lane lines should be in and the warm-up started at your specified practice time. The reason for the warm-up and stretching is to prevent injuries and discomfort during practice. Consistent lateness will not be tolerated. Swimmers who are late will be required to stay after to complete any dry land training they missed.

  • Swimmers need to arrive15 minutes before Warm Up START TIME when coming to meets.

  • We have a meet Register Policy. If you are planning on going to the meet you will need to "Register" for the meet at least 2 days prior to the meet to let the coaching staff know you will be attending so they can enter you in events. To Register Click Here.

  • If a swimmer "Registers" for a meet and DOES NOT SHOW UP the will not be able to swim in the following meet. There will be no exceptions unless there are extenuating circumstances.

  • There are no mandatory numbers of practices but keep in mind swimmers for swimmers who swim in our sumer league but there are practice stanards fro swimmers who wish to swim in USA JO's or any USA swimming meet. Swimmers who attend practices regularly will not only show the most improvement but will also swim the most events on meets.

  • Top Relays will in most cases be compiled of the 4 fastest swimmers but is always up to the coach's discretion.

  • All swimmers are required to attend the League Championship meet the first Saturday in August. All swimmers are required to pay a $12.50 even if they do not attend. Championship fee which will be due the first or second week in July. The Championship fee is non refundable.

The maximum number of events a swimmer can swim at Summer Swim League meets is 3 individuals and 2 relays (Not all swimmers will get to swim 5 but coaches will do there utmost to make sure that all will swim at least 3 events in each meet.

Remember the more you come to practice the faster you will improve, so feel free to attend as many practices you can

  • Swimmers are to conduct themselves in a respectful manner toward the coaches, team members officials, swim team parents and other team's swimmers. Any swimmer acting inappropriately will be suspended from the team.

  • Swimmers are required to wear team shirt and cap (if swimmer wears a cap) at meets. All members are required to wear a team cap if the wish to wear a cap. No swimmer will be allowed to wear a non-team cap in a PFY Swim meet or any meet PFY swimmers attend as a team.

  • Warm Down - All swimmers are required to stay 15-20 after the end of the meet for a warm down. This is to prevent muscle sorness and to allow for all parent helpers to break down all of the equiment and clean the pool area.

  • After practices swimmers are required to stay in the pool area until their parents or ride picks them up. This is for the swimmer’s safety. If a swimmer is caught wandering around after practice they will be subject to suspension. Remember we rent all of our locations and we want to be able to keep practicing there. It only takes a few foolish actions to cost our team the use of the facilities.

  • Parents are expected to bring the swimmers to practice ON TIME and pick them up ON TIME. If you are not able to pick your child up on time please make other arrangements. Coaches can not be expected to supply rides or wait for extended periods of time. If this becomes an issue there will be a late pick up fee assessed at $25.00 per half hour.

  • Swimmers are required to sit with the team at all times during meets and to stay until the meet is over. We are a team so lets support each other. Swimmers who do not sit with the team or are caught wandering around will be ejected from the meet and sent home.

  • Water bottles (plastic) are required to be with the swimmers at practices and at meets. (NO JUICE or SODA, ONLY WATER OR A SPORTS DRINK)

  • No eating of Junk Food during practices and meets (Eat fruit, bagels, power bars, pasta, healthy food) (No Candy, Hot Dogs, Soda until after meets are over) YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT!

  • Have fun at all times!

You have made a commitment not only to yourself, but also to a Team.

Parent Pick-Up and Drop Off Polices:

Drop Off - At Dansbury Park Pool: 
  • Parents with swimmers under the age of 11 need to walk them into the pool area using the back gate by the baseball field and pump house in the mornings. Swimmers need to enter through the bathhouse in the evenings but be there no later than 6:45pm.  If you arrive after 7:00pm you will need to enter using the back gate by the baseball field and pump house.

  • All parents and swimmers will need to enter or exit through the back gate by the baseball field and pump house as the bathhouse closed and locked after 7:00pm.

Pick Up: - At Dansbury Park Pool:
  • Parents need to pick all swimmers under the age of 11 up at front pool gate to the right of the bathhouse.

Drop Off and Pick Up - at Lehman Intermediate School

  • Parking is available in parking lot to the left of the main entrance.  Swimmers must enter through the main entrance of the school and then enter the pool.  No parents or swimmers can enter the side pool entrance (You will be told to use the main entrance).  No parking is allowed in the front circle.

Drop Off and Pick Up for - YMCA

  • Pocono Family YMCA - Parking is available behind the YMCA or along Main Street.  Swimmers must enter the pool through the locker rooms. Swimmers can not enter though the pool's door next to the main entrance.  This is becoming a problem with and swimmers and parents will be asked to use the locker room entrance.  Swimmer must be walked into at least the main lobby of the YMCA to drop swimmers off.


Forms are made available in Portable Document Format (PDF). PDF files can be viewed in your web browser (if you have the necessary plug-ins), or downloaded, viewed, and printed using Acrobat Reader. Download the Acrobat Reader free from Adobe.

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